Waterfall Test Network Statistics

Waterfall’s main structural element is a Node.A Node is a registered network stakeholder who uses a digital device to keep track of the distributed ledger and confirm the legitimacy of network transactions on the BlockDAG. Each Node deploys a certain number of Workers.A Worker is responsible for storing data, processing transactions and adding new blocks to the ledger. A Worker consists of two components with independent addresses that work together: Validator and Coordinator.A Validator creates blocks within the Shard network and earns commissions from transactions.A Coordinator creates and votes for blocks in the Coordinating network and earns rewards through minting.

Rewards Per Year

The variable shows rewards of workers during one year


Rewards Per Day

The variable shows rewards of workers during one day


Rewards per Epoch

The variable shows rewards of workers during one epoch




Current epoch from genesis


Current slot from genesis


Number of workers at the current moment. The value in brackets shows the number of new validators over the last day

Total Stake (WATER)

Sum of stakes of all workers at the current moment


Workers LeaderBoards

Two tables show which workers have earned the most over all time and over the last epoch.

All-Time Data

Single Epoch Data


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